Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lexi & Papi

I ran across this picture of Lexi and her Papi and smile every time I see it and wanted to share. She is less than 3 weeks old here and is so TINY. I cant believe we are going to have another little bitty baby is just a few months - so excited!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cute conversation

When I work my two days – Eddie stays home with Lexi and takes her to school. I usually get a call from Eddie – where is her oufit?, where are her socks? etc. This morning Lexi wanted to call me – Eddie called me later and said she held the phone on her own the whole time and when she said bye closed the phone.

Here is how our conversation went…
me: Hello, Hello
lexi: Hi
me: Hi Lexi! How are you? I love you
lexi: Hi, babble babble babble (not sure what she was saying?)
me: Hi Lexi, did you sleep well last night?
lexi: yea
me: I love you, Have a good day at school
lexi: bye, bye
me:bye, I love you