Thursday, May 6, 2010

i love being a mom!

A quick post since it has been SOOOO long...I will update with picture etc when I have more time.

With Mothers Day this weekend, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be the mother of TWO wonderful little girls and am so excited to meet Baby G #3 in August. I love being a mommy - although challenging at time the benefits and love out weigh the challenges by TONS.

I also wanted to share a little questionnaire that Alexis filled out at school

"All About My Mother"
My Mother is 6 years old

My Mother is tall as daddy

My Mother weighs...... (she didnt answer this one - probably a good thing :) )

My favorite thing to do with my mother is cook

What does your mother do all day? work

What does your mother say alot? night night

My mothers favorite food is jelly

My mothers favorite tv show is Spiderman

Does your mother sing in the car? yes

Can your mother dance? yes

Where does your mother work? by daddys work

How much do you love your mother? a little bit

by Alexis Lee Gonzalez (May 2010)