Monday, February 16, 2009


Update on my girls...

Alexis is doing really well potty training - I think I can go ahead and say she has mastered it. We started about a week ago - had two pee pee accidents on the floor but then we have been good from there - she tells me each time and wakes up dry. Now if I can be brave and put her in "big girl panties" instead of pullups it will be official. Other than potty training Lexi continues to make us smile with the games and stories she comes up with. She LOVES school and spending time with her friends. She is also such a loving and wonderful big sister - it melts my heart to see them together :)

My BreeZ she has one tooth that has finally broken through! She is thinking about crawling but not mobile yet. She is such a JOY she is just so laid back, calm and just so SWEET. She doesnt cuddle much so I had to make Eddie take a picture - she was super tired here.

My girls - how I love them so much and LOVE to see how much they love each other.